Stanford University Entrance Requirements

Stanford University Entrance Requirements

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Stanford University Entrance Requirements – More than 38 000 halls apply in 2013 to write at Stanford University, and less than 6% were admitted. Sometimes called the “Harvard of the West,” Stanford is regularly higher than the Ivy League in the world published the rankings of universities. Stanford asks for high caliber candidates to stick to deadlines and push themselves to school, but to be true to themselves when they fill out application forms.

Stanford University Entrance Requirements
Stanford University

Stanford University Entrance Requirements

Basic requirements
Stanford University accepts common application, a request from the online administration by a non-profit association. The application is used by more than 500 international universities. As part of the application, students must complete a written supplement from Stanford, which is a personal attempt. Students must also have an action in addition to writing or sitting standardized test results forwarded to Stanford. A transcript of study notes, including a six-month report for the first exercise, should be sent by the counselors at Stanford University. Finally, the school requires two evaluations from professors.

Time and at the beginning of the decision
Stanford must receive all application documents in Jan. 1. If Stanford of your first choice, you also apply restrictively the early action measures candidate by Nov. 1. very early the decision of the announcements to be sent by DEC. 15. If you are admitted, you have until 1 May to register. It is possible that you could be rejected as one of the first of the regular candidate and delayed decision of the decision, in which case, you will receive a notice of your admissions to the state on April 1st. Or, you could be rejected from the beginning, in which case you will not apply again until the following year. If you sign up under early action measures, you apply them to other colleges and universities, but you may not apply as one of the first candidate decision anywhere else.


University education
Stanford recommends a well-rounded rigorous high school program for entering the classroom. Stanford prefers four years of English, writing and accent literature; Four years of mathematics, with an emphasis on algebra, trigonometry and geometry; Three or more years of history and social sciences, which should include writing attempts; Three years or more of laboratory science; And three years or more of the same foreign language. The University encourages students to take more difficult courses. Advanced class placement is not as important as how many students apply to each category. The College accepts AP test scores, but says they do not play a big factor in the admission decision of the.

The figures and test results of the targets
There is no minimum score. Score of average or standardized test scores required for admission, although most candidates are at the top of their class. In the 2013 class, 74% of the first year students had a 4.0 or higher grade points on average at a scale of 4.0. Only 3 percent had a GPA below 3.70. 86 percent of Stanford’s first year students are in the Top 10 percent of their high school class. Only 3 percent of scores below 600 on the SAT were critical of reading and writing tests, and 2 percent of scores were lower than 600 on the math test. 84 percent obtained from 30 to 36 of the test Composites Act and 78 percent received law / essay writing in this range of English.

 Available Opportunities: 

Minimum ACT Score Requirements for Stanford
Access to Stanford University is very competitive. Although the school does not provide a formal minimum for standardized scores, virtually all eligible candidates submit very high ratings. In 2012, less than 25% of the candidates admitted posted scores Act under 31. This means that 75% of Stanford’s first year students scored in the 97th percentile or better to review. It is possible to get a lower score, but it is very unlikely.

The conversion of SAT and the scores Act
Stanford, like many colleges and universities, accepts both sitting and the law on scores under control in the admission process. According to the law on the website of the organization, a composite of the Law on Score of 31 equals a combined Score of 1380 on the SAT of Critical Reading and Math tests. A combined score of 31 on the law of English and writing tests is equivalent to a score of 690 on the SAT of the write test. Stanford does not have a minimum rating for SAT, either, but in 2012, 75% of the Stanford student in the first year of viewing the scores sat scores higher than a 680 on the criticism of reading the section of the test, which higher is 700 both su are the math and the writing of the part of the exam.

Be yourself
Stanford’s admittance officials say candidates too often to attitude themselves in ways they think impress the evaluators’ admissions. They advise communicating through your essay and body of love request that you have to learn and how it manifests. Candidates should not necessarily meet an out-of-school care of clubs and activities to support the demand. On the contrary, the staff of the admissions department looks for the depth of experience, managerial positions and means that the activities helped the applicant to grow as a person. Varsity athletics experience, coupled with an excellent school record, can affect the Commission, but athletic participation by itself is not taken into account as one of the criteria.

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