Genius loci: essay on the place of difference in education for all

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  • Written by: Charlotte Harper

In this essay, from the contributions of the philosophy of difference and the appropriation of the idea of genius loci, we built the text with the aim of inquiring about the place of difference in education for all people, having difference and freedom as human values.

In ancient Rome, it was thought that every independent being had a guardian spirit. A spirit that brought life to people and places, and that kept them company from birth until the final day. This same spirit also affirmed the nature and essence of people and places. This is the concept of genius loci that we embraced for this article.

The singular presence of the genius loci matters in event, movement, and autonomy. Places are subject to change, whereas genius loci are not conditioned to change place or disappear.

In the revolutionary and hopeful horizon of those who choose to defend and fight for a liberating, Democratic and inclusive education for all people, ‘genius diferencia’ invites us to the resilience and empowerment of each educator to make a difference in the human constitution of those who come into their hands as their learners.