Explanation and Analysis of The SAT Test Scores

Explanation and Analysis of The SAT Test Scores

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Explanation and Analysis of The SAT Test Scores – The ZAT is a permanent source of fear for the senior citizens of high school. For a valedictorian one street length ahead of the Ivy League, something less than a perfect score will do. For others, an average score will suffice. Whatever it is, students often have difficulty understanding what the exam and interpreting the results in the context. Content of the SAT, and scoring given are both easy to understand.

Explanation and Analysis of The SAT Test Scores
SAT Test Scores

Explanation and Analysis of The SAT Test Scores: The Sections

The review of the ZAT is composed of three sections of 800 individual points – critical reading, arithmetic and writing – for a total of 2 400 points. Each section is marked between 200 and 800 points, so the total score of the test can vary from 600 to 2,400 points. The average score per item is about 500 for a total score on the test of 1500 points. This average is weighted for the number of raw scores of a given that can be used in the admission of the Board.

When the offices of the College Admissions Committee use SAT scores, the percentile they are interested in is not the rough scores for the sections. This is in large part because the scale of points means something different for each section. For example, a score of 500 on the critical reading puts a student in the 51th percentile, but the same score on mathematics only a student in the 45th percentile. A score of 500 on the writing, at the same time, earns a student a ranking percentile 55th.


Reading critically
The part of critical reading is the dream of a fan of the multiple choice: it consists of three parts, with a total of 67 multiple-choice questions. Students have up to 70 minutes to complete this part of the test. The first two parts of 25 minutes in length, while the third is 20 minutes. In the content, critical reading assesses the strength of a student’s reasoning skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary. Is it done with a mixture of questions based on the passage and asking to complete a sentence. Students are asked to read a passage and answer questions about it. In addition, the student can fill in the empty places in sentences to show their vocabulary knowledge.

Explanation and Analysis of The SAT Test Scores Math

As for the section of critical reading the mathematics section lasts 70 minutes, with two parts of 25 minutes and a portion of 20 minutes. Multiple-choice Questions do not dominate mathematics as they do for critical reading. The mathematics section consists of 10 questions and a student produced response and 44 multiple-choice questions. In content, mathematics sends clear of trigonometry and calculation, and instead focuses on probability and statistics, algebra and functions, numbers and operations, geometry, measurement methods and data analysis.

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The part of the writing was added in 2005 and usually copied from a review of ZAT formerly separate write-only. In the format, it is different from the other two parts. At the beginning of each SAT survey, students still have 25 minutes to write an essay based on a clue. It is the center of the portion of writing, and it is listed on a scale of 2 to 12 years. It is followed by a 25-minute section and a 10-minute cross-section of the multiple-choice questions. The content focuses on improving the sentences, identifying the mistakes in the sentence, and members.

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