Application for the Early Entrance Program (EEP)

Application for the Early Entrance Program (EEP)

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Application for the Early Entrance Program (EEP) – Are you a gifted student who wants to get admitted to the University at the beginning? If so, you consider requesting the start of the program entry (EEP), a special program offered by the University of California, Los Angeles (CSULA) and the University of Washington, Seattle campus to talented individuals of the Intermediaire School and high school ages, from all United States. [1] this article will show you how to apply for the EEP.

Application for the Early Entrance Program (EEP)
Application for the Early Entrance Program (EEP)

Application for the Early Entrance Program (EEP)

Take the American College test (Act). The law is a multiple choice exam standard and in the United States to test the high-level skills of school students in four areas: Mathematics, English, Reading and Science. Since February 2005, the law also includes a written expression test option. It is extremely important to excel at this test, this test is used to filter applicants for acceptance as part of urinating. To be eligible for the EEP, you will need an explanation 23 above on the mathematics section, and 24 or higher on the English section.

Instead of the law, you pass the school aptitude test (SAT), and you must get a note of at least 500 on the verbal part and 550 on the mathematics section.


Once you have obtained the minimum marks of the law or are required for the EEP study, schedule an interview with the EEP Director. Go to their official website [2]. For example, the current director of the EEP appear on the website is Richard Maddox. You can contact him by writing to: Richard Maddox, program director, at the entrance of the program, Cal State L.A., call (323) 343-2287, or e-mail him at [email protected].

At the end of this interview session, you may be asked to complete a summer class within the framework of the mutual evaluation of the period. Be sure to show enthusiasm to participate and perform at your best.

 Available Opportunities: 

Participate in the orientation session, which is an informative interview held in May to meet candidates with EEP, students, parents, staff and elders.

Submit an application package as requested on the due date.

Enroll in the provisional school of their student, whereby two courses are approved in the summer. You must pass all tests and do all missions properly and receive satisfactory evaluation at the end.

Wait (hopefully favorable) decision regarding your application. The EEP faculty admissions committee meets to review all application documents and can invite candidates for a formal interview.

Go to the formal interview, if offered. Make sure you perform well on this interview to convince them that you are the ideal candidate.

Wait for their final decision. The admission committee to make decisions by the sixth week of the summer and mail message to all candidates. The possibilities are: 1) immediately invited to become a member of the EEP; 2) invitation to re-apply; 3) rejection.

As invited to join the EEP, meet with the program staff in small group to discuss life as a full-time student EEP. Once again, trying to impress them at this meeting, they can still change their decisions on this. As soon as the final notes of your work as a temporary student EEP is posted, a definitive overview will take place and you will have a final decision.

If you receive a final acceptance decision, you must decide whether or not you accept the offer. If you are invited to a new application, you must also decide whether you would like to take advantage of this approach.

Do your own research to see if the EEP is right for you, or if you prefer a classic high school from the experience of the place.
Put in an application package to present the best of your work. You must provide substantial evidence to show that you are a gift from the ideal student for the EEP.
For your introductory conversation with the director of EEP, as well as for formal maintenance (if any), be sure to put your best performance, be prepared to tell him why you are the ideal candidate for their backup program with

Proof of your academic results, skills, motivations and public service. Also make sure you ask a good list of questions to show your interest.
Study of the law (or Saturday). Get all the Prep books you spend and spend a lot of time on your studies. Do a lot of practical tests under test conditions.
In the future, more and more colleges and universities can offer EEP for gifted students of high school and high school ages. The steps described above are general guidelines that can be changed to apply to EEP proposed by other schools.

For all interviews, make sure you have a good list of questions. Having none of the questions is the safest way to show indifference and ensure rejection.
If you are rejected, do not be discouraged. Realize that out of 100 gifted students that apply every year, only about 25 to 40 accepted. [3] they just do not realize your potential yet.

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